Separation Anxiety's Visual Effects

(Jonathan Stoler) #1

So my game Separation Anxiety came out last week, and a couple of people were wondering how I managed the visual effects. So I wrote a post about it.

NOTE: this post is very technical, and possibly too much for beginners (although I encourage anyone who’s curious to take a look). If you don’t understand something, please ask! I’d rather you understand my code than just copy-paste it.

NOTE 2: I very strongly recommend you play my game before reading the post. You don’t have to finish it, but you should see how some of these effects look in action; static screenshots don’t do them justice.

Short answer: punk.fx

Long answer: see blog post

If you have any questions or comments, you’re free to comment on the blog post itself, or you can reply here. Either way, I’ll try to address your comment.

Separation Anxiety
Introduction to BitmapData
(azrafe7) #2

Great job!

Just some notes on how you could have squished even more features from punk.fx:

  • you could also have implemented the grayscale effect by using the AdjustFX filter
  • you could have taken advantage of the FXLayer class to apply effects to the entire screen

Mmmhh… Might consider adding a link to your blog post from the github page (if you don’t mind ;)).

PS: I’m almost sure you’re also using some punk.transition in there, aren’t you?

(Jonathan Stoler) #3

Ah, I used an FXImage plus FXEntity to add all the effects. I basically just saw what someone else (one of your examples, maybe?) did and worked off that.

And feel free to link it! punk.fx is great, I’d be way more than happy to support it in any way I can, no matter how small.

Yes I am. I couldn’t find a way to fit that in the post itself, but I use it numerous times.