Welcome to the FlashPunk Developers community!

(Zachary Lewis) #1

Welcome, developers!

Since the loss of the old FlashPunk community, a few of us developers have been working to get FlashPunk back on her feet. The creation of this community is one of several steps to both modernize and relaunch everything that made FlashPunk amazing: You.

Help Us Grow & Improve

This community is going to be even better than the last one! If you know people who use FlashPunk, or members of the old community, please send them an invite! If you have suggestions on improvements to FlashPunk or to the community, please let us know! We are trying to be awesome, but we can’t unless you help us.

Why Is The Site Different?

The FlashPunk Developers community is using a new piece of software called Discourse. It’s designed from the ground up to promote and encourage conversation, eschewing the dated ideas of what a forum should be. It is new and very bleeding edge, packed full of new features (some of which are bugs, unfortunately).

To get started with the new system, take a look at the topic created from this one on the side of this post for some helpful hints.

Getting comfortable with the new community
(Jeff Williams) #3

Really, I’m just proud to be a part of it.

(kyle pulver) #4

Back once again for the renegade master.

(Zachary Lewis) #5

Getting the gang back together! Alright!

Only ten thousand Russian spammers missing! :wink:

(We also have emojis. :dancers: :poop: :thumbsup:)


(reopucino) #6

yeah… we need this, and hello everyone.

(Zachary Lewis) #7

Welcome back, @reopucino! Thanks for spreading the word on the Newgrounds forums — the fact that you posted that before I made an official announcement actually means a lot to me. :blush:

I’m glad people are still searching for a place to talk about FlashPunk!

(Malky) #8

Yes! I’m glad there’s a good place to talk about FP again.

(Julien Samama) #9

It’s good to be back ! Hi everyone :slight_smile:

(Jacob Albano) #10

Thanks to everyone involved in getting this up. <3 I always like to recommend Flashpunk to people getting started in gamedev, but the lack of a site has been problematic. I look forward to helping out with anything that needs doing. :slight_smile:

(Michael Houser) #11

Hi all! I’m really glad to see the Flashpunk site being brought back from Godzilla-like dormancy! I’ve been using Flashpunk for several years now, and have progressed from a hopeless fool to a hopeful fool in that time. On those rare occasions when I actually know what I’m talking about, I will be here!

(René) #12

Although I have never contributed to the old community, I was reading around there pretty regular. So I’m really happy this thing is starting to become a thing again. :thumbsup:

(Blackstream) #13

Weird format and definitely can use more categories but, I’m so glad this is back up.

What categories do we need?
(SunShiranui) #14

The layout is very ugly, but thank you for bringing this back!

(Jacob Albano) #15

I like the new layout. :confused:

(Ashley Colman) #16

Good to see a place to talk about flashpunk back again! :smile:

Would be awesome to also be able to see the flashpunk doc pages hosted somewhere again too unless I missed them somewhere?

FlashPunk Documentation
(Zachary Lewis) #17

I’ll pull down the latest build and get that set up.

(Jacob Albano) #18

That would be awesome. I want to add links to the docs for functions and classes that are mentioned in the tutorials.

(Ashley Colman) #19

Awesome! Thanks dude!

(Justin Wolf) #20

Glad it’s back up (in a new way). Looking great!

(Nirvan) #21

Welcome back! :slight_smile: I suggest to create page for this site on facebook or something like this, first step what I did when I saw old flashpunk forum off was searching FB for flashpunk page with info about new site.