Welcome to the FlashPunk Developers community!

(Alex Larioza) #22

Finally I can stop refreshing flashpunk.net!

(Zachary Lewis) #23

For my sake, refresh it one more time. I gave it a new coat of paint. :sunglasses:

(Jacob Albano) #24

The new front page looks really good. I feel like it’s missing something, though…maybe some texture on the background, like the really faint lines in the iOS settings app…


…or this image from one of @kpulv’s blog posts.

(NoelFB) #25

Hey, this is awesome! Glad it’s all up and running, nice job with everything guys :smile:

(Elliot Colp) #26

Just a little nitpick about the Tutorials page: the expressions is “pore over,” not “pour over.”

The site looks nice, though! I agree with jacobalbano that some texture would be nice.

(reverso13) #27

This looks awesome!! is great to have it back :smiley:

(flashBear) #28

Lovely! I have been missing the forum Thanks to everyone who works on this!

(Jacob Albano) #29

Hah I actually changed that (“pour” -> “pore”) in my fork of the tutorials that I’m working on. Haven’t submitted a pull request yet though.

(yusukejoan) #30

Hi Everyone, Im happy that Flashpunk comunity has come back.

(JasperYong) #31

;w; oh god, flashpunk is back!! Having such a lonely time over at Flixel for the past week since they limit the posting cause of spams.

awesum layout! about time forum get a fresh look! :smiley:

(Zachary Lewis) #32

@Jaspery Is there a lot of spam over there? Interesting… we won’t be having that issue anymore. :smiling_imp:

Welcome back! Let everyone know!

(Abel Toy) #33

Wooooo!! I hadn’t got a clue about a new flashPunk website till now, so… helloo everyone! :grin:

(Zachary Lewis) #34

@AbelToy Welcome back!

(Jim Young) #35

Great to see FlashPunk back up and running. I was curious through, is this site just to provide a shrine to the great game engine, or is FlashPunk going to continue to develop either through new release or a power tools add on (like Flixel)?

(Zachary Lewis) #36

It is still being updated by @Draknek. You can see his repository on GitHub.

(Jim Young) #37

Cool, but how open is Draknek to community suggestions/contributions? Surely everyone using FlashPunk must have something worthwhile feeding back into the project?

Contributing to FlashPunk
(Zachary Lewis) #38

Good question! I created a new topic on contributing to FlashPunk.

(Darien) #39

Ah, lovely. Glad to see we’re getting the band back together! I was just getting the itch to get back into game development, too, so the timing is great. :slight_smile:

(David Williams) #40

Finally got around to creating an account here. RIP flashpunk.net That being said, the new site looks pretty nice :wink: