Need help making a side scroller shoot em up


Again I’ve been following @zachwlewis tutorials and i am trying to make my own side scoller shoot em up game with the basic stuff in the tutorials but i still do know how to make all the stuff i need for this kind of game.

  • like the main menu
  • level select
  • high score
  • adding sound npc’s/ support types(follows the player around and shoots enemy’s)
  • bombs
  • bullets
  • hp gauge
  • etc. (Yes i am a totally new at game making. Sorry for being such a noob :disappointed_relieved: Pls help :pray: )

(Mike Evmm) #2

That’s a lot of stuff! It’d probably be a good idea to just pick/tackle one at a time and ask about more specific problems you might encounter. Some googling will get you started on most of those things!

(Oli) #3

hey man take a look at that.

Its a demo of sidescrolling shooter. Might be usefull to see how each of the class are made to get u started.


There’s no code its just the testing environment.

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #5

What you are looking for is a tutorial which probably haven’t been done. Make a full tutorial of something that big is a lot of time consuming (literally something like a few hundred hours), so probably no one will come and do it.

Your best choice here is to split the project into smaller parts (some of them already have their own tutorials):

  1. Make the engine run and start the game world (starts directly no main menu).
  2. Make the entities (two classes: Player and Enemy), their graphics and types.
  3. Add Player controls.
  4. Add the collisions boxes.
  5. Add the projectiles.
  6. Handle the collisions (probably add the health here). [no HUD yet].
  7. Add the background and enviroment graphics (you probably want to make it yourself).
  8. HUD.
  9. Pause button.
  10. Main menu.
  11. AI.

If you have problems with one of this parts, then ask for that specifically in a new topic.

(David Williams) #6 (75.4 KB)

Here’s the source code if you want to take a look and try to learn from it.