Side Scroller... with guns

(David Williams) #1

Not really sure why I made this/keep adjusting/adding new things, but here it is:

  • WASD to move.
  • E to pick up a gun.
  • Mouse to aim/shoot.

There isn’t really a story/gameplay right now. It’s kind of an engine, but I have no plans for it.

Any ideas?

Need help making a side scroller shoot em up
(JP Mortiboys) #2

Something to shoot at would be nice :smile:

(David Williams) #3

I wasn’t really sure what kind of enemies I should make. Other ‘people’ blocks? And how would I do the basic pathfinding required. Things like this stopped me from actually doing anything, since there is currently no plan for it.

(Abel Toy) #4

When I jump to the ceiling, I get stuck on there for a few milliseconds till I get down.

That’s because when colliding with the ceiling it won’t let the player advance, but the y velocity still goes up until gravity affects it enough to make it down.

If you’re using moveBy for your movement, you should include vy = 0; on your moveCollideY function.

Also the gun rotation is a bit weird (the centre of the rotation doesn’t match the visual anchor point), and when moving, its position gets offset by a bit.

(David Williams) #5

Addressed both of the issues, thanks for the quick fix with the MoveBy bit.

I’m going to pick back up where I left off, maybe begin implementing a level editor something.

(rostok) #6

this looks promising but what about enemies? evil circles, nasty triangles perhaps. or maybe even not so convex polygons

(Piru) #7

Hola, muy buen trabajo, podrias compartir tu codigo, gracias.

(David Williams) #8

Here ya go:

(Piru) #9

Hola, desde ya muchas gracias, estaba necesitando algo similar para un ejercicio de la facultad, copie la carpeta net dentro de src pero al momento de querer correr el demo me muestra los siguientes errores y como soy nuevo en esto no los puedo resolver, por ahí necesito instalar algo mas, desde ya muchas gracias.

Errores: C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\TestingEnviro\TestingEnviro\src\ col: 28 Error: Incompatible override. override public function moveCollideY(e:Entity):Boolean ^ C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\TestingEnviro\TestingEnviro\src\ col: 9 Error: Access of possibly undefined property tinting through a reference with static type pgfx.tinting = 1; ^ C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\TestingEnviro\TestingEnviro\src\ col: 14 Error: Call to a possibly undefined method setRectOutline through a reference with static type tilesheet.setRectOutline(0, 0, 32, 24, 0);

(Mike Evmm) #10

¿Qué versión de FlashPunk usted está usando?
(Pardon my spanish :stuck_out_tongue: )

(David Williams) #11

I used an older version of Flashpunk, version 1.7.

Usé una versión anterior de Flashpunk, versión 1.7.

EDIT | I took a look at the newest version, and it still has the methods I used. Perhaps you should update your flashpunk library?

Miré a la versión más nueva, y todavía tiene los métodos que yo usé. Intente actualizar su biblioteca flashpunk?

(Piru) #12

Hola, eso suponía, yo uso la versión 1.7.2 igualmente revise la ayuda y esos métodos aun figuran, no se porque da error, igualmente comente esas lineas y el programa funciona, muchas gracias. Cuando sepa un poco mas podre descubrir cual es el error, saludos y gracias.

(Piru) #13

Hola, yo uso la versión 1.7.2 , gracias.

(David Williams) #14

I just updated to 1.7.2, and it’s running without problems. How odd? O.o

Acabo de descargar 1.7.2, y está funcionando sin problemas. Qué curioso? O.o

(Piru) #15

Ok, muchas gracias, debo estar haciendo algo mal yo, solo le agregue la carpeta net dentro de scr, lo voy a volver a probar, te agradezco un montón, saludos.

(Zachary Lewis) #16

Well, I’m no help here. I have no idea what’s happening after the last English post. :sweat: