Merge HaxePunk with FlashPunk?

(Mike Evmm) #21

Oh please, please do. From what I can see, popular opinion is that it’s high time to migrate to another more up to date language, but resources on Haxe, and specially HaxePunk (as pointed out before) are really scarce. I’d very much like to see an intro/tutorial by someone who has some experience with FlashPunk. Regarding HTML5 (and I’ve shared my thoughts regarding it with @Ultima2876) I just don’t think it’s a good idea for games, and I’d really hate to see the FlashPunk community migrate to HTML5, because I’d most likely stay behind. The way I see it (which is the view of an inexperienced, self-taught programmer who still uses an unhealthy amount of static variables) HTML wasn’t made to make games or apps, and I just don’t feel comfortable using it.

Best quote award.

That would also be pretty neat, for there to be an “XPunk” site with different engine sub-pages.

I can’t speak for myself, but that does seem to be the case, from what I’ve heard from people who went to the HaxePunk forums. (No offense to them, but I’ve heard mostly negative feedback)

(Zachary Lewis) #22


Eh, it was alright. The forum admins weren’t as attractive.

(Mike Evmm) #23

:laughing: :clap: :+1:
They don’t have half as cool emojis either.

I went there real quick too and it doesn’t look that bad. Discourse is way better though.

(Darrin) #24

Okay this is quite scary… Is this because he uses a bunch of different libraries and not pure Flashpunk. Anyway that scares the shit out of me.


(Jacob Albano) #25

The problems he’s having are almost certainly due to the fact that he’s using libraries that aren’t compatible with Haxe. It’s the same when going from any one language to any other.

I will point out that Haxepunk makes changes to the Flashpunk API that tripped me up in a big way the first time I used it. As a very simple example, the Image class in both frameworks has two methods: centerOrigin() and centerOO(). In Flashpunk, both of them do the same exact thing. In Haxepunk, centerOO() centers the image’s origin, then translates it so that it appears in the same position on the screen as before.

There are some changes that I like, some I don’t like so much, and a few I see no justification for. Ultimately it’s important to realize that Haxepunk’s existence doesn’t make Flashpunk redundant, and the two frameworks are perfectly capable of coexisting.

(Darrin) #26

Cool that is what I thought. I love Flashpunk. I get it. I’m not a programmer but I can make games. Awesome.

The problem I see though is Flash is very flat / declining at the moment. Porting to IOS and Android looks to be a bit of a PITA. Granted I haven’t tried it yet ( I will in a few weeks). I was hoping Haxe could do a better job at that. I mean the perfect system would be Web portals, IOS, Android, Amazon and consoles. That is the dream. Unit really doesn’t do web…but Unity 5 is supposed to do HTML5… but it is Unity, proprietary… they could just close up shop or get bought out… etc. HTML5 looks interesting but no game frame works like FlashPunk. Dunno, just seems like an interesting transition right now and nothing looks like Flash did 12 years ago.

(Ultima2876) #27

HTML5 does have game frameworks; the most popular of which seems to be Phaser at the moment ( HTML5 is a very immature market so at this point there is a LOT of crappy games around, but a few quality ones are starting to appear. Monetization of HTML5 is still a bit of a mystery, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it matures over the next 2-3 years to overtake Flash’s spot completely. It actually reminds me heavily of the Flash industry around 8 years ago - the reason I think HTML5 will build up to that level faster is because of the influx of Flash devs moving into HTML5. This will accelerate that process (and that a lot of the monetization of Flash games can be done with HTML5 also). The thing that will slow it down is the inability to surround a game with web ads to easily monetize - but that is offset easily by the interest shown by huge companies like Amazon and Mozilla in HTML5 mobile “web apps”.

I think early adoption of HTML5 is a risk, but can have a big payoff for the right developers.

(Zachary Lewis) #28

Don’t you dare mention that function’s name.

(TaylorAnderson) #29

I use centerOO all the time!

(Jacob Albano) #30

:stuck_out_tongue: Is there some history there? Besides this, I mean.

(reopucino) #31

I think these good for us… until now I always think about how make game with one engine and develop to every where. I absolutly love flashpunk and I want flashpunk / punkengine can be develop to every where.

(TaylorAnderson) #32

My reasons are about the same as Draknek’s were :stuck_out_tongue: Does the same thing and is shorter to type.

(Abel Toy) #33

We are definitely the best game development community I’ve seen, since the old days.

What do you mean with GamePunk Engine by the way? The name sounds interesting as fuck, what would it be though?

(Mike Evmm) #34

I like centerOO().

(B6ka) #35

So FP2 is not coming along? Come on guys, do not really want to learn Phaser.

(TaylorAnderson) #36

Doesn’t make sense to make FP2 in flash because flash is sort of dying as a platform. Your best option right now is either Flashpunk or Haxepunk.

(Mike Evmm) #37

Saw this, sounded relevant. (I don’t like Unity though.)

(Mike Evmm) #38

10 minutes with Haxe and I want to throw my PC at a wall. :sweat: I can’t say I’m looking forward to using it right now.

By the way, does anyone know how to fix this strange error? When compiling, FD builds then outputs haxelib run openfl run "E:\Documents\Flash Develop Projects\HAXEPROJECT\project.xml" flashnonstop, not doing anything else. When I close FD, however, it relaunches itself and runs the flash window. Help.

(Abel Toy) #39

have you tried restarting your computer after installing haxe and haxelib? I’ve never had those issues, but a friend had some issues with haxe that were the result of not restarting after the installation…

(Nicole Brauer) #40

Have you tried a different target like neko? Does it do the same there? What when you use debug mode?

Also, and this is just a wild guess, sometimes having whitespaces in your filename/path can cause issues. Maybe removing those might help somehow.