Humphrey's Tiny Adventure

(Jacob Albano) #1

Way back when I first heard about FlashPunk, I made a little point-and-click adventure game for Ludum Dare #23 (Tiny World) called Humphrey’s Tiny Adventure. For a first game jam I was pretty happy with the way it came out, but it had a lot lacking; no animations, no sound, and a terribly slow intro that was hard-coded in.

I recently went back and completely remade all the graphics and code, added a ton of sounds and expanded the story. The new version also features an awesome soundtrack by Chris Logsdon (@chjolo), which you can get here.


Blog post

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(Kevin Graham) #2

A very cute game, good job! Thanks for sharing, was fun to play!

(s corneil) #3

I realize this is an old thread, but I’m thinking of doing something similar (though it won’t be half as cute, I’m sure :smile:) … And I was wondering what the most convenient way is to create a ‘typical’ point & click game. You know : one room, multiple views, lots of objects to interact with, an inventory, …

Should I think : 1 world per view, or 1 world & every view an entity, or even : 1 view & multiple viewports (or cams, & is that even possible ?) ???

Suggestions for tuts are very welcome !

Point-and-click architecture