Flapping Beat - A Flappy Bird Clone

(Midcode) #1

Last month, I made a clone of Flappy Bird, using sprites from Megaman.

It took around 10 hours to make, and I’ve probably made a few mistakes, but I feel that I gained a bit of experience.

Game (Includes .swf and source download.)


Any advice is always appreciated.

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(mikale) #2

Nice job. I like it. I was hoping to learn from the source but I couldn’t run it because you didn’t include all the graphics.

(Midcode) #3

Thanks. I would’ve included all of the graphics to allow the project to be compiled with no modification, but I had to leave out the Megaman related graphics.

You could replace these reasonably easily if necessary, as the code includes the required image resolutions. You can probably still learn from the code itself though.

(I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want) #4

That’s very cool, I hope as far as my FP learning process goes I’ll be able to create something like it. Highest score: 6! And just btw, I really like the fade in of the score bar(?) and the final score and high score sliding from the right. How did you manage to do that? Don’t laugh, complete newbie here.

(Midcode) #5

Cheers mate! My highscore is about 30, but I did make it after all. A friend of mine got to 76. I have no idea how.

Anyway, for the fade-in of certain objects (like the tooltip of “press up to flap”, or the fade-to-black transition), I set the initial alpha (spritename.alpha) of the entity’s sprite to 0, and when the object needed to be visible, I increased this value by a small amount each frame (such as 0.1), up to the maximum value of 1.

As for the score panel sliding from the right, it starts positioned just off screen, and when the player dies it begins to move to the left, until it reaches the middle. If it goes past the middle, it is repositioned.

Take a look at the source for a bit more detail, it’s not the most readable code in the world, though.

(Linck) #6

Nice work. It’s just lacking that sound when you pass a gap. I find this important for player achievement feeling =)