Don't Even Odd - our first math game

(krooh) #1

Hello there!

We’ve just published our first math game. It was created with FlashPunk. It is very simple game about even and odd numbers. It is available at Google Play: [][1]

As this is our first mobile game we struggle with the platform a little bit:) The game uses such techniques as:

  • Native Extensions,
  • Our own component engine,
  • Finite State Machines,
  • FlashPunk of course:)

Our biggest pain was to make sure game will look acceptable on different screen sizes. But nevertheless developing it was pure fun:)

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and best regards,

Krooh from Krooh’s Game Machine

PS. why can’t I save post edit which consists only of text arrangement and some lists?:stuck_out_tongue: [1]:

(fedyfausto) #2

flashpunk on mobile? :0 how you do it? :smiley: and can you tell me how can i use the native extensions?

(rostok) #3

@fedyfausto FP on mobile is fairy simple. If you are using Flashdevelop than you can use built in wizards for AIR-on-mobile projects.

(krooh) #4

@rostok is right. The question is not “how to do FP on mobile” but “how to do any actionscript on mobile” I’ve used scripts provided by FlashDevelop for packaging app to Mobile AIR (I did some tweeking there, just to suit my needs). You can find a blog from Andy Moore about it here:

How to make iOS/Android games on a PC – for free

And in fact on this very forum is a very good tutorial how to do it:)

About the Native Extension. I’ve used extension for AdMob ads. It’s rather simple to do. You can find the extensions and instructions how to use it here:

Two things that are not mentioned there:

  1. When importing as a library change the file extension from *.ane to *.swc.
  2. Add “-extdir extensions” to your adt call, where extensions is the folder where you have your *.ane file.

If you have any other questions shot me right away:)

Best Regards, Krooh

(rostok) #5

BTW is there any quicker way to upload .apk into device? For me it takes like 15-20 seconds (flashdevelop batch scripts use “adb install…”). And that is indeed testing my patience.

Any admob or other plugins for banner?
(Monster Brain) #6

Cool… Are you using StarlingPunk or just Normal Punk for the game on android ? Any performance issues ?..

(krooh) #7

We used normal FlashPunk for our android development. There were some performance issues, but we just ignored them, as they were not that bad. We developed another android game with FlashPunk:

It’s a game that helps kids to learn about animals and they characteristics.

But recently we switched to libGDX because that it’s in Java and we like Java more than actionscript:) You can check our math game about building equations here:


(Monster Brain) #8

I tried the two things … But couldn’t get ANE to work … I’ve already tried too many times to make an ANE work in flashDevelop… If you are working in FlashDevelop can you please send a skeleton project with ANE working …Please …

Thanks - Monster Brain