About new fp 2.0

(Sharp) #1

Continuing the discussion from FlashPunk 2.0 - Ideas collection:

It’s a shame i can’t reply to this thread, so i created this one. Is this FP2.0 an community initiative? If that is so, what happened to ChevyRay’s original FP 2.0 ?

(Ultima2876) #2

There’s some info here:

It seemed that Chevy Ray had decided that he didn’t want to finish it - he’s very busy and has a lot of important stuff going on.

So the FP 2.0 that’s being discussed there is indeed a community initiative, led by the same people who are maintaining the current version of FlashPunk.

(Sharp) #3

O well, i’m glad with the commintment of our devs. Is being actively developed? Any formal list of feautures, are there plans to continue some stuff chevy promised like component- entity thing? And i suppose the new creature will take a new name.

(Ultima2876) #4

I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s just in the ‘idea gathering’ stages at the moment.

(Alex Larioza) #5

The current maintainers have already been taking community pulls, so I have a feeling there won’t really be a version 2.0 per se, but the engine will certainly continue to grow.

(Ultima2876) #6

As far as I know Zach is really into the idea of sticking to the Semantic Versioning, meaning big changes like those suggested in the topic linked above would definitely need to be made (or pulled or whatever the hip term is these days!) in a new major version, as a lot of it will break backwards compatibility.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the end of the dark days of keeping CenterOO around. :wink:

(Zachary Lewis) #7


Merge HaxePunk with FlashPunk?
(Ultima2876) #8

I know. That was the joke :slight_smile:

I actually prefer it because it rhymes with ‘kangaroo’.

(Zachary Lewis) #9

I swear to God, I’m going to fuckin’ deprecate centerOrigin and leave centerOO just to spite you. :smile:

(Draknek) #10

Do it! centerOO is shorter, I use it all the time…