Why do you have to use 20 characters in a comment?

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #1

Basically this. I don’t understand why there is this restriction.

(mikale) #2

In AS3? I’ve never had that problem.

(Jacob Albano) #3

Presumably it’s to keep comment quality high and prevent threads from becoming meme chains and such things.

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #4

In this forum. (See? right now i need to add more characters).

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #5

I don’t know if someone here would do that.

(Jacob Albano) #6

Discourse is used on other forums, not just here.

(Zachary Lewis) #7

As @jacobalbano said, it’s to keep comment quality high.

Love it!


Looks good so far!

Posts like this don’t help. If you want to like something, there’s already a button for that. If you want to critique something, explain why.

Love it! The character animation isn’t realistic at all, but it works perfectly for the character, and that makes me want to play more and more.

Meh. The gameplay is rather repetitive, but the mechanics are interesting. Instead of using the same mechanic each world, you could spend the first two stages introducing it, then the rest of the time combining it with previous mechanics we’ve already learned to be used in new and innovative ways. Something like that would make solving puzzles much more rewarding. Currently, solving them is just like, “Yep. I used my block hammer again, like I did in the last seven stages.”

Looks good so far! I’d love to see the finished tilemap, because right now the foreground blends into the background too much, making navigating levels somewhat confusing.

These posts share the same “feeling,” but go on to explain why that feeling is felt. Ya’ dig?

(Also, you can subvert the comment limit by just sharing a bullshit gif.)

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