What processor FlashPunk use?

(Savvas Antoniou) #1

Does FlashPunk use GPU ? Because i want to use it for mobile devices.

(rostok) #2

Well, you can use it for mobile devices as Air app however pure FP does not use GPU. It is based on Bitmap functions and some Draw class methods use direct setPixel calls to draw shapes. Please note that there was Sos Sosowski’s version of FP which used GPU to render entities. You can find it somewhere in forum. Before you actually switch to his version do the math to see if it’s worth it. Simple games should work just fine with latest engine version.

(Savvas Antoniou) #3

Thank you very for your answer. Please can you define simple games? A game like Metal Slug is in the simple list? Because i want to create a game like Metal Slug and run it to mobile.