Visualization; Thoughts?

(Mike Evmm) #1

(Regarding the name “Visualization” I totally suck at names and I’ll probably change it later)

So, I’ve been working on this prototype music thing. I’m pretty happy with the “reacting to music” mechanic, especially because it dynamically does so, but all-in-all it’s just another avoider. So I was wondering, does anyone have any ideas on how I can spice things up?

EDIT: Oh man I totally forgot! Epilepsy warning!

P.S.: The “unfortunately not for commercial use” text 1) is a reminder to myself and 2) because that means I can’t upload it to GameJolt for input, since it generates revenue. Nonetheless, ParagonX9 (not ParagonX, apparently) has great electronic music on Newgrounds, go check it out.

This is now a thing!

(Ani Mittra) #2

I think it’s a cool start. Does the game parse through the sound’s amplitude or something to determine how to react or what?

First I think you could make the background less seizurely by having it slowly change rgb values to fade between colors or something. I’m sure you could do a lot more with the bg too but atleast make it easier on the eyes first haha.

Next it’d be nice if getting hit didn’t end the game, and instead just lowered your score and played the “missed note” sound kind of like how they do in Guitar Hero and Rock band. Maybe if you miss a certain amount or too many over a span of time you’d lose, but right now it’s too harsh and frustrating.

Maybe if I barely dodge one of the enemies I get an extra “close call” score bonus like in some racing games. :slight_smile:

(Mike Evmm) #3

Thanks for your input! :smiley:
the game makes use of SoundMixer’s computeSpectrum function (which I still haven’t fully figured out how it works being the scenes, honestly)
do you think that with background color tweening it will still be perceptible that it’s reacting to the music?

(Mike Evmm) #4

Okay, so I’ve taken into account @AniMittra’s feedback and improved (imo) some stuff: The game now has a “graze” and “level” system: graze bullets = fill up the bar. Fill it all the way and enter Hype mode. However, get hit too much and you enter Minimal mode, in which you have one final chance to survive. Please let me know what you think!

(azrafe7) #5

I think I’ve hit a bug: after a few “lives” just standing in the same position doesn’t kill you/enter b&w mode (also it seems to cap around 400 points). Probably has something to do with tweens, not sure though.

(Mike Evmm) #6

That’s really odd, maybe I’m not setting something right in the reset function (but I don’t see how that would matter, since most variables are reset at added()…) Did that happen under any special conditions, or just… happened?