Unvalid SDK defined?

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NOTE: I am aware there have been other topics with the same problem but most seemed to say that it had been resolved and I couldn’t find an answer.–

Just download FlashPunk and started following the tutorials @ http://useflashpunk.net/tutorials/ , I tried to Test my project but I got this message saying:

Compiler Configuration Required This project doesn’t have a valid SDK defined. Please check the SDK tab in the Project Properties.

If anyone could give me some nice steps to fixing this problem I would really appreciate it! Thanks, SupC

(Jacob Albano) #2

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Did you follow the tutorial on setting up Flashdevelop? It sounds like the Flex SDK isn’t correctly installed.


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And If ^ that seems to be all different, here’s the picture from the latest (I think) version of Flash Develop :smile:

(Ultima2876) #4

Go to project -> properties. On the SDK tab, select one of the installed Flex SDKs. This error occurs when you download a project that is made to be compiled with a specific version of Flex but you don’t have it installed.