Ultra Electronic Ascension

(Mike Evmm) #1

U.E.A. is about dodging squares. It is also about dodging pentagons and hexagons. But above all, it’s about music. Epic music.

I made a thing. (To those in the Lounge, the thing is done.) I think it’s kinda cool, but I’d be very happy if you’d see by yourself!

(Zachary Lewis) #2

Too hard for me. I was using my Air’s trackpad, then I switched to a mouse and I still couldn’t beat a song after ten tries.

Love the music and visuals, though. :thumbsup:

(Mike Evmm) #3

Thanks for playing :smiley:
Yeah, I realize the game is quite hard. The thing is, there isn’t that much free to use music on the internet that would meet the requirements for the game, so I opted to make the game slightly harder, so it would last longer, and introduced the health/grind mechanic to balance things out. However, all of the levels have been cleared by myself and a (really skilled) friend of mine, so they’re not impossible!

P.S.: Trackpads are really not a very good idea for this game :wink:

(Linck) #4

The game crashes frequently in my PC. The music keeps playing but the game is frozen. Except from that the game really fun, but it’s indeed too hard. I couldn’t even make it to level two. I hardly pass the drop part of the song.

(Mike Evmm) #5

Really? :scream: I’ll have to look into that…
Aside from that, I’m glad you liked it! Regarding difficulty, cooler music is often harder (as a level), due to wub wubs and stuff - if you check the levels further on you’ll see they’re way easier - but I wanted to start the game off with a song(s) that would really reflect the kind of atmosphere I was aiming for, and ended up placing the harder levels first. That’s why I made all levels accessible from the start, too (somewhat in hope that players would try them all and decide by themselves in what order to play). Maybe I should reconsider that.