Trivial Bone Animator

(Nirvan) #1


I am working on tool for 2D skeletonal animation. It exports all frames of skeleton to one file and images are animated, rotated in game. Which allows to adding different weapons/items to hand/armors etc.

Here is movie from it:

Currently I working with implementation for game maker, I optimizing it. When I finish I will move it to flashpunk and I think I will release this tool for free.

What do you think about it? Thanks.

(kgbkgb) #2

I think this is fantastic. Great job so far. I was going to start a DragonBones ( FlashPunk implementation but after seeing this i don’t think its worthwhile. Can’t wait.

(Nirvan) #3

Thanks :wink: I finished implementation to FP but there are problems with slow FP’s sprites rotating. There is post where I ask for help: Help to speed up skeleton animations

(Sparrow) #4

Wow this is what I’ve been looking for, I hope the problem resolving goes smoothly:D. I’m impressed with that framerate, good job man!

I have a question though, will it support custom input on the bones? Like I want the right arm to get the angle of the mouse instead of the animation, would this be possible?

As always, I apologize if my post is hard to understand, English is not my native language.

(Nirvan) #5

It would be :wink: but note that arm’s position will be always dependent from parent bone of first bone of arm.