Transmission - Unknown Message [WIP]

(Froom7) #1

Heya fellow punkers!
This week I decided to be really serious about game developing.
After years of just playing around and prototyping I decided to take one of my projects and turn it into an actual game. So now I want to share with you guys with what I’ve been working on.
You can find an early build here here. (Just started like 3 days ago xD)
So yeah, this is just barebones, but I’m working on it and will add more stuff as I go along.

------Game Background Information------
The game will be an arcade SHMUP/Bullet Hell type of game. The finished product will be a barrage of bullets coming at you and it takes all your skills to overcome this bullet hell.

Here is some small story I’ve been working on to spice the game up a bit:
As you’re travelling across space, you suddenly receive a strange message.
You only get some noise and static, but suddenly you faintly hear a voice seeking help.
Out of curiousity, you are going to save whoever send that message.

(Just some story I made along to make this game, still working on it though :stuck_out_tongue: )
Anyways, again. You can find the game here

I’m looking forward to develop this game!

(Darrin) #2

I really like the first set of enemy missiles you created.