The Stitcher - LD30

(christopf) #1

Hey, i’ve finished my LD30 entry (finally).

It’s called “The Stitcher” and you can play it over there:

What you think?

(Jacob Albano) #2

I’ll give you the same feedback that I got on my first LD submission.

Speed it up.

There’s a lot of waiting around in this game. Waiting for each title in the introduction to fade in and out. Waiting, locked in place, for the terrain to slowly slide over a chasm…and then waiting some more as it slides all the way back because I was too slow.

I like games that are fast and snappy, but even if the game is supposed to be more serious and deliberate, I really dislike it when I feel like my time is being wasted. There’s nothing wrong with a short game, but when a game feels longer simply because it takes so long to do anything, that makes me want to stop playing.

(rostok) #3

Definitely reduce waiting as @jacobalbano suggested (allow user to skip the cinematics or fast forward them). I would also add diagonal movement. It doesn’t necessarily mean extra diagonal sprites but it would surely allow you to get to some places faster.

I love the graphics. The palette is really nice!

(Jacob Albano) #4

Oh yeah, in the interest of being positive (whoops), I will agree with @rostok; the graphics are great. The soundtrack is pretty cool too. Sparse and gritty ambiance. I’m a fan.

Diagonal movement isn’t a huge deal for me but being able to change directions without releasing keys would be great. If you’re walking left and try to move down, it should switch to moving down as long as you hold the ‘down’ key, not require you to let go of ‘left’ first.

(christopf) #5

The point with the speed and waiting i agree on, i already made the intro more skipable (probably you played the version directly after posting here). the plattform point is also a good one, i thought about this too and probably am going to change this.

the speeding up sum is legit and i am grateful for your both responses.

the diagonal movement i did implement in another game i’m working on but didnt out of accident in this one and liked it. it reminded me of pokemon (if i remember right) and that made me feel good =)

that the last pressed key is the actual key is a good idea but right now i dont knowhow to accomplish. you already can walk left or right while you move up or down. i need to think into this

and thank you both for your kind words!