The first episode of the tutorial series is released!

(Zachary Lewis) #1

Use FlashPunk: Setting Up FlashDevelop

This video shows how easy it now is to get FlashPunk running in FlashDevelop! Even if you’re an old pro, this video still may teach you a thing or two! Make sure to share it with your friends, family and loved ones.

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(TheHuckleberryWill) #2

Love it! Watched it even though I know that stuff already, good job! (you have another subscriber)

(Zachary Lewis) #3

But FlashPunk has never been available as an SWC before… Are you from the future!? :shoe:

(TheHuckleberryWill) #4

Of course. Nah, I knew how to do the other stuff :slight_smile:

Anyway, I prefer using the non-SWC version. I like to edit it a little

(Alex Larioza) #5

Is there any performance difference between using the source versus a SWC? I typically like to just using the straight up source files, mainly because of how I have project organized.

(Zachary Lewis) #6

@SHiLLySiT I don’t believe so. It will still compile down to a single .swf with the required bytecode to properly run.

The great thing about using the .swc over the source is that you have a solid, constant baseline. If you make a game that works on the 2 July 2013 build of FlashPunk, you know you can always compile against it and get the same results; however, if you’re building against a stack of files and you pull the latest changelist from GitHub, there’s no telling exactly what will work or exactly what you need to do to go back to “version x” of your game.

If you like to hack on the source code, then you definitely should, but if you’re setting out to make a game, you don’t want your framework to change during development.

(ryme-o) #7

Why is there no 2nd episode, are you still working on it?

(Zachary Lewis) #8

Perfection takes time, bro. I’m still working on it.

(Adam) #9

Thanks for the video. It’s very good. My only suggestion would be to talk a little bit faster.