The Data class could use a clear function

(Mike Evmm) #1

I’ve been using the Data class lately and have found the need to create my own method to clear a savefile (when I wrongly saved a variable). It’d be as easy as

public static function clear(filename:String):void {

Maybe this can be included in future versions of FP?

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #2

Why don’t you use the GitHub? Just create that function and make a pull request.

PD: If for some reason you can’t/won’t make it, i can do it for you

(Mike Evmm) #3

Sorry, I’m quite unfamiliar with github. I’ll try and do that now.
I really suck at Github. I’d be very appreciated if you could do that for me!

(Zachary Lewis) #4

You could learn to not suck, unless you like sucking at things.


(Mike Evmm) #5

I can’t even begin to express how wrong that sounds. :laughing:

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #6

He actually did the Pull Request if i saw it right. He’s officially not 100% sucking at it.

(Mike Evmm) #7

Rule 32:

(Lozza JP) #8

Hi guys seems to be down all of today, I am using what I believe is the latest .swc file but it seems this handy function isn’t included? I can’t seem to overwrite the contents of the .swc class (assuming it is the way a .swc works).

Is there any easy way to incorporate this or clear data in someway, or should I download flashpunk as individual source files and overwrite the data class with this one?

(Zachary Lewis) #9

@lozzajp Thanks for the heads up! I’ve migrated the old DNS for to work with the updated GitHub servers.

(Lozza JP) #10

Thanks Zach, can access the site fine now.

So I indeed have the latest 1.7.2, what is the best way for making use of this topic and adding an easy function to clear save game data?

(Jacob Albano) #11

Looks like there’s still an open pull request.

(Zachary Lewis) #12

Can I get some more eyes on this and comments in the pull request before I bring it in?

(Mike Evmm) #13

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #14

LOL. Didn’t see that comming.

BTW, I had a pull request for the Text for a long time, noone have a look at them or what? (not even a comment so i’m not sure if some1 even looked at it)