The cave of heroes (NOW PLAYABLE)

(josepho) #1

Now you can play the game here!

Hope you like it!

Hi there

I have been working in a big project for a while, its almost finnished, we are currently working on the sponsors requirements. :smile:

You can check a game trailer here

The game will be completely free to play. It will be the first chapter of 3. Hope you like it ! Feedback is highly appreciated!

(Ultima2876) #2

This looks great! I can’t believe it’s a FlashPunk game! :slight_smile:

(Wayne Makoto Sturdy) #3

Looks incredible! You will have to share some techniques on that VR camera movement.

(Darien) #4

Wow, good stuff. Look-and-feel reminds me of the Samantha Swift games, and, uh, not at all of my single-screen item-catching game. I’m almost embarrassed now. :smiley:

(josepho) #5

Hehe, about publishing the VR camera tech, maybe I will do it some day, but after the commercialization of the game :wink:

(Ultima2876) #6

Any plans for mobile? :wink:

(Abel Toy) #7

Aw yeah, man. Long time no see! :stuck_out_tongue: - so happy to see you’re doing so well. I still remember you talking about this project with me, a really long time ago…

(VanderJamesHum) #8

In my opinion flashpunk’s graphics and helper tools are absolutely excellent for diverse visual styles reaching far beyond pixel art. --[im not raggin on pixel art btw]–. Alexia, Smash Palace and Hypothermia are good examples that get me giddy with graphical inspiration. Thank you!

(josepho) #9

Haha, yes AbelToy i have been working on this for more than 3 years, the development its being really slow…

@VanderHum Flashpunk its a great engine, no matter you use pixel art or not :smile:

@Ultima2876 Yes, i will probably make a launch in mobile, but i donno when, it will deppend on the success or not success of the game :slight_smile:

(Suyash Mohan) #10

WOW!! The game looks nice. The camera technique is awesome :slight_smile:

(josepho) #11

Now you can play the game in this website

(Jacob Albano) #12

Wait…which Hypothermia are you talking about?

(josepho) #13

No feedback? : (

The game has a positive review in jayisgames :slight_smile:

(B6ka) #14

Wow, amazing visuals and very interesting puzzles. Did not know it was possible to simulate 3D in FP like this.