The Bear, the Cat and the Rabbit

(rostok) #1

Hello guys, after long time I have finally reached final (say beta) stage of my game It is a prequel to my and my wife’s comic book of the same title. To keep the plot short it is about three anthropomorphic animals on a strange quest in abandoned yet hostile environment.

The game itself is a short adventure with couple of ‘think outside of the box’ puzzles. All this in isometric 16 bit retro style. I am eager to get some feedback so let me know what you think!

As for code I had to write couple of my own things including save-game system, custom quad-tree geometry based collisions, A* pathfinding and SFX looping. Feel free to ask questions.

(azrafe7) #2

Nice, but a bit buggy (f.e. the crow sometimes disappears mid-air), and running around I haven’t managed to find the other characters.

Love the smoking rabbit! :smirk:

(rostok) #3

Yup, running around and getting to the same broken column is the first puzzle. I guess that I must have made it not obvious enough. If you need a hint PM me.

(Ultima2876) #4

Yeah, I didn’t manage to get past that one either. I’m no good at ‘lateral thinking’ :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bora Kasap) #5

That remind me the castle maze of super mario bros. :smiley: got the idea but couldn’t pass the second area, and couldn’t done anything :smiley: love the effects, running very very fast is something realistic! :smiley: running around is enjoyable but then? :smiley: asdasdsad

(rostok) #6

Changed the music a little bit and added a little hint for the columns puzzle. It will pop up after say 3 minutes of being stuck.