Textfield with a Scrollbar

(Zouhair Elamrani Abou Elassad) #1

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a simple way to create a Textfield with a Scrollbar inside a popup just like this :

Thank You.

(rostok) #2

Last time I had to do it in FP I chose to use pure flash TextField and custom scrollbar as Sprite placed over FlashPunk’s buffer (my alternative was https://github.com/RichardMarks/punk.ui dont remember why I didn’t use it). However I would say there no simple way for this and I would just remove the scrollbar and divide the text into couple of plages.

(Zouhair Elamrani Abou Elassad) #3

Thanks for the replay mate, i see what you mean, good thing i asked first, i was thinking there may be a simpler way to do it in FP, i guess i have to go old school with AS3 or do it the way you suggest, replace the scroll bar with pages :slight_smile:.