Subby and the Fishes

(Darrin) #1

Update 0.6:

Added Buoy and Sonic wave to break obstacles. Added link back to my website.
Added count down timer.

Subby 0.6

Hey guys, I’d love some feedback. Nearly done with this one. So funny I’ve been goofing with Flashpunk on and off for years but never finished anything. Time to change that.

I also need to just say thanks for all the help. What a great group of folks!

(Zachary Lewis) #2


The current physics you’re using feels wrong. Right now, the sub descends at a constant velocity and pressing space instantly makes it rise at a current velocity. While the speed at which is rises and falls is fine (it’s your game, after all), I’d add some acceleration to it to make it feel more like a real sub. When a sub begins to climb while descending, it slows to a stop, then begins to climb.

Suggestion Implement some acceleration into your movement to naturally change from ascending to descending.

Bonus Points Change the sub image’s angle slightly as it rises and drops for even more gamefeel!


I’m getting a full 60FPS. This is great.


This is a touchy subject — literally! If I barely touch anything, I lose. This seems to be based off the hitbox of the sub (which is fine), but I’d shrink that hitbox quite a bit. I felt like I should have been able to scrape past some of the seaweed after nabbing a tricky fish, but I’d crash, even though the seaweed hit above and behind my tail.

Suggestion Make the hitbox fit entirely within the pixels of the graphic and shrink it a bit.

Bonus Round

You’re being chased by a shark! The shark will slowly catch up with you unless you do something about it. Depth charge barrels now appear in addition to fish. Touching a depth charge will trigger it, knocking him back and slowing him down momentarily. While being chased, all points and fish are tripled! Survive as long as you can without getting bitten or hitting seaweed!

(Mike Evmm) #3

I second @zachwlewis, and suggest that, after death, you allow the player to also click to restart instead of just pressing any key (I was playing using the mouse only and every time I died I had to use the keyboard).
Another, more subtle, thing is that I can actually see the terrain being generated in Extreme mode. I’m not sure how you’re handling this, but if you are generating stuff on the fly, you might want to do it just ahead of the screen.

(Darrin) #4

Great feedback. Ok here is a gold candidate.

Version 0.4 now up.

  • Bonus round in
  • Shark in
  • Fixed memory leak
  • About in
  • Sound on/off in
  • Highscore in
  • Added physics

Let me know what you think!

(Darrin) #5

0.5 up.

  • Mouse click to continue
  • Angle change up and down (great idea!)

What was weird was I was drawing 32 pixels past the edge with the tiles, so strange that you saw the. I added 2 more so 896 setting.

(Zachary Lewis) #6

The sub still feels strange when switching from up to down. It also feels like it drops much faster than it rises, but this may be a design decision.

(Darrin) #7


hmm same speed mathmatically. I got another suggestion for it to float for a brief moment on change. I also think it has to be geometric increase. But thanks so much for taking the time to look at it. It will be a week before I modify it. Taking a small break and getting more feedback. Going to add some power ups next as well.


(Darrin) #8

Version 0.6 up.

Update 0.6:

Added Buoy and Sonic wave to break obstacles. Added link back to my website. Added count down timer.