SpaceWreckedHD - SpaceWrecked remake

(John Gardner) #1

I decided to remake my #lowrezjam(32x32 pixels limit) game in hires. There are many other improvements such as the addition of music, an automap, more enemies and improved player control. Its a Metroid style game where you explore an open underground complex finding power-ups to increase weapon damage or improve your mobility to enable further exploration.

gameplay link:

gameplay video:

created with FlashPunk:

sounds created using sfxr:


“Supermassive Proximity 2” by

“Interscape -unfinished-” by

“Mars Orbit Data”, “Mars Orbit Data 2”, and “The Last Spaceship” by

(Darrin) #2

Great job getting it out! I like the graphics. Retro sounds were cool.

TBH, the physics on the jump needs a ton of work–I’d suggest adding some acceleration.

(John Gardner) #3

Thanks for commenting!

I wanted to make the game setting on a low G world similar to Metroid.


A really cool project, I like it a lot.

I think that improving on it by adding new challenges or working the mechanics better will make it great.