SpaceWrecked - a Metroid style platformer

(John Gardner) #1

SpaceWrecked was made for #lowrezjam in which the display resolution is limited to at most 32x32 pixels.  It is a Metroid style game where you explore an open underground complex finding power-ups which increase your weapons firepower or improve your mobility allowing for further exploration.  This is my first complete game created using FlashPunk. All sound effects were created using SFXR.

play at GameJolt:

gameplay video:

(Zachary Lewis) #2

This is really rad. Care to discuss any challenges you faced or cool techniques you used when making this game?

(John Gardner) #3


I’d say the 2 main challenges were waiting until 10 days before the lowrezjam deadline to get started and also deciding on a game library which I had very little experience using. Fortunately, Flashpunk was pretty easy to get the hang of. I am considering using it to create a hi-res remake/sequel with a much bigger map, more complex enemies(and bosses), lots of different weapons and power-ups, etc…

(Zachary Lewis) #4

What did you use to create the map? I’d be interested in seeing the whole map as one image. That would be sweet.

(John Gardner) #5

Allegro Sprite Editor. Conveniently the map is just a 512x512 image loaded into a canvas.

WARNING! Enlarging image may result in major game spoilage!