[Prototype] The Unspawned

(Kyle) #1

Hello :smile: I made a simple prototype of a platformer game. You can find it here:


Comments & suggestions are greatly appreciated.

D or RIGHT key              - Go right
A or LEFT key               - Go left
W or UP key                 - Jump
SPACE                       - Shoot your weird gun or whatever that is

I don’t know if this is still a prototype but anyways, new changes. Link has been updated.

  1. Changed some art/graphics.

  2. Changed how the player projectile works.

  3. Now contains 2 levels. But there is no end yet so you’ll just loop between the 2 levels.

  4. New item added. The jump boost.

    What it does: * On contact, it will disappear and the player will get a small upward push if going downwards. * In addition, the player can jump again but only until before landing on a solid ground. * The boost will be visible and reusable again after 5 seconds.

  5. You can now pause using the “Enter/Return” key.

  6. Removed some randomness on spawning enemies. The enemies will always head left on spawn.

  7. Changed the jumping enemy AI. It will now not follow the player. It will always head left and only change direction when bumping a solid tile.

  8. The jumping enemy now jumps less frequently.

  9. Added a background image.

Note: Until now, coins has no actual use or side-effect except for level completion.

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #2

I just looked at it for some minutes and i feel like the gravity is a bit too weak and the lateral scrolling needs to use some kind of acceleration (to move and to stop).

Also if you die, you respawn with -1 lives and it’s like you have this one left. Then if you die again it goes to -2, and so on.

(Kyle) #3

Omg. I remember you haha. You helped me with the camera stuff lol. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take note of that. But what do you mean by the ‘lateral scrolling acceleration’?

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #4

When you press the key, you are setting a constant speed to the player. I mean you could make the movement a bit less inmediat by adding a aceleration (wich can be fake and oversimplified). I’m not sure if i’m explaining it right…

PS: I think that this game could be really fun if the player was a bit smaller and move pretty fast (it could be a game mode ;))

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #5

More things:

  • The stars rotation is a bit offcentered.
  • You can somtimes go though 1 cube-wide gaps without jumping. If it does or not seems random (probably based in the frames).
  • I feel like you need a timer with inmortality after being hit.
  • Allow to pause. It’s so easy with FlashPunk.

(Kyle) #6

New changes. Check the post for more info.