[Project 01] PSYCHOPOMP



(Jacob Albano) #2

Not spam. Play it. Holy hell.

(Mutlu) #3

doesnt work i only get a black screen :frowning:

(Jacob Albano) #4

For whatever reason this got put in my spam moderation queue. @hermes_, I apologize for the delay it took to get it to show up – I’ve been traveling and didn’t have access to good internet until about an hour ago. I’m still playing, but the first few minutes alone were enough to show that this is something special.

@DMtl Give it a few seconds…I thought it was frozen at first but you should be able to hear something. Maybe try pressing some buttons? I’m not entirely sure what made it advance.

(Mutlu) #5

arrows buttons seems to do the trick i am not sure if i should say anything else not to spoil the experience… good art work by the way…

(Mike Evmm) #6

Very much stuck after getting the gun, but also very much amazed.

Was it done with FP though? Seems to be in every game forum.

(Jacob Albano) #7

Bah, really? I’d love to get confirmation either way. The font in a few places looks like the one that comes with FP, though that could be a coincidence.

Hint: the note that says “Escape” sticks around after you read it once…

(Mike Evmm) #8

Yup :frowning:


(Jacob Albano) #9

Well, shoot. I’ll have to find out. It’s obviously possible that it was made in Flashpunk and then spammed around to various other sites, but I’d like to be sure.

(Mike Evmm) #10

It deserves the benefit of the doubt, definitely.

(Jacob Albano) #11

Yep, it’s legit. I inspected the swf with swfWire and (while I don’t know how to use the tool to its full potential) was able to find a reference to “com.flashpunk.Engine” in the callstack.

(Mike Evmm) #12

Sweet! Props to the creators then.

(Bora Kasap) #13

I really love it… I stuck here, i think it’s some kind of bug. After i undress the face of the mummy, the character has stuck in that position, all animations working, mummy’s head is shaking, but keyboard functions are not working, can’t move or do anything more… Just stuck at looking to the face of the mummy.