Phoenotopia (Zelda-like 2D side scrolling RPG)

(christopf) #41

cool, congratulations to first place in daily feature!

(Ultima2876) #42

Fantastic game. One of the best Flash games I’ve seen in a while!

(Mike Evmm) #43

Wow, congratulations on highlighted front page! :grinning:

(TaylorAnderson) #44

This seems very suitable as a standalone application that I would totally (TOTALLY) pay money for. Have you considered going that route?

(Quang Tran) #45

Thanks guys! It’s been pretty hectic though managing feedback and bug reports. Guess I should be happy the game’s getting some exposure :smile:

@TIL_Anderson, I did consider charging but decided not to for various reasons. Discovery’s hard enough for an indie, and since it was my first public game I wanted to ease into the indie scene. A sponsorship seemed like a good first stepping point before trying the traditional money earning models.

(TaylorAnderson) #46

Was there an exclusivity deal you had to sign with newgrounds to get sponsorship? If not, you should at least consider putting the game up on as a pay-what-you-want standalone (but I’m also aware of the fact that it’s probably pretty likely you had to sign an exclusivity deal)

(Ultima2876) #47

As I mentioned before via private message, I think this would make a fantastic Ouya game.

(Quang Tran) #48

Yes, there is an exclusivity deal with newgrounds that lasts for about a month. I haven’t heard of before, but I will look into it. Thanks!

@Ultimata, sent you a PM :smile:

(Bora Kasap) #49

Ohh man, i’ve just played your game, love it… Great job…

So, now, time for my wishes about your game…

1: i would like to see some sigils on buildings because of too much buildings…

2: actually game isn’t too hard, but it feels like that until you get how to do it, so, you may award player with some little help windows about how to beat enemies easily(only for beginning levels + first boss) to keep player in the game.

3: you can change stage.quality to “LOW” at the beginning. That doesn’t affect game quality in pixel based games but it has great positive effect on performance.

(Linck) #50

Nice. I’ll play the game again. I have played a little bit and stopped in the first boss. I’ve noticed some new nice features like key customization, controller support and fullscreen. Also there seems to be some new little areas and new save statues.

One issue is that on fullscreen the fps drops considerably, so I prefer playing in regular scale.

(TaylorAnderson) #51

you got featured in warp door!

(Quang Tran) #52

Yeah, I had to add a lot of last minute features. There’s also the option to revive at the current room upon death. I didn’t plan the game for that at all, so it’s led to some bugs >_>

Warpdoor!? yay!

(Linck) #53

Look at this bug I found.

And I still don’t know how to get to that place. I was trying to throw a javelin to the wall before I fall in that area, so next time I fall I could land there or something. ><

(Quang Tran) #54

Thanks for bringing that bug to my attention! I’ll see what I can do.

And you’re not supposed to be able to get it yet. There’s a later upgrade to reach that place :slight_smile:

(Linck) #55

Yeah I got this upgrade now. I climbed up the tower all over again just for a moonstone, and I had to go down again to leave =D

Also, this bug happened only once. The other time I went to the tower ( when I had the upgrade ), the bug didn’t happen.

(fizzd) #56

Just to chime in and say this blew me away on Newgrounds, and I was so happy to see it was made in Flashpunk :smiley: When full screened it really feels like a native application, like Cave Story, cause it’s so smooth and colourful. You don’t get the ‘Flash’ feel at all. Which is really amazing!

(Jacob Albano) #57

Dang 1000 views on this topic. Never seen it get that high before.

(Zachary Lewis) #58

So high.

(Quang Tran) #59

Actually a topic called “Preloader Madness” a bit further down has 1.3k views!

(Bora Kasap) #60

It’s madness :smiley: :smiley: this is not :smiley: LoL