Phoenotopia (Zelda-like 2D side scrolling RPG)

(Quang Tran) #1

Hi guys,

I’ve been a long-time flashpunk user (before there was even a version 1.0!) and I’ve been developing this game full-time for the past 10 months, (and part-time before that). Now I’m trying to get people playing it so I can balance its difficulty and flow.

If you have time, I would appreciate your feedback. If you find any errors/bugs that would be really helpful as well. You can view the game on FGL using the following account details:

Username: Viewer54321

Password: huntzeroeight

Many Thanks!

Edit: (Forgot the link)

(Mike Evmm) #2

Wow. I don’t have much time to play, so I only took a little peek, and I really (really) liked it. Didn’t feel anything like Zelda though (which to me was a pleasant surprise, I never liked Zelda very much), but the gameplay was intuitive and the atmosphere was set really well, along with the music (insofar as I played). I really hope I can find the time to play this more thoroughly.

(Quang Tran) #3

Thanks for the compliment!

The Zelda influence is more apparent later (when you get a slingshot and bombs). I do try to diverge from Zelda’s formula and have the game find its own identity midway through development (to varying degrees of success).

(reopucino) #4

I have played your game even if a minutes and this game it’s realy cool. I don’t think this is game Zelda like, I think you create a new fresh game…

I love your style art work, your game physic, and story. I hope you get a good sponsorship for this game :smile:

(Ultima2876) #5

This is fantastic and I’d absolutely love to publish it on mobile with you. Please send me a PM!

(Mike Evmm) #6

Out of curiosity, how do you imagine this’d work on mobile (the controls I mean)?
(and @Quasar, please let me know if this goes mobile!)

(Ultima2876) #7

You can get pretty much any game to work controls-wise on mobile with either a touchscreen overlay or game pad support. Thanks to the Ouya and Kindle Fire TV there’s also a big market for controller-based games, and more and more players are picking up game pads for their mobile devices; but that said, there are a surprising amount of players who don’t mind playing RPGs and Platformers with those touchscreen overlays! :slight_smile: - and trust me, there are quite a few very popular RPGs and Platformers on mobile and tablets now!

Sonic 2 has been really successful on mobile, and that uses a touchscreen overlay (if you don’t know, Sonic 2 is about as twitchy-a-platformer as you can get!).

Grand Theft Auto 3 is another brilliant example of touch screen overlay controls working well. It has SO many controller functions and without playing it you’d never believe it works - but it actually does once you get used to it!

(Linck) #8

I’m playing it and the feels nice till now, I’m enjoying a lot. I’m on the Mysty Gorges part right now. The only complain I have untill now is that you need to have the money to see the description of an item to sell, I don’t see why you would be not allowed to know what the item is untill you have the money to buy it.

The difficulty level I find very good for me, its challanging and quite fair most of the time. I could only complain about the second boss. When he puts those red goos on the floor, It’s kind of impossible to predict where to stay when he is jumping on the floor.

(Quang Tran) #9

@reopucino, thanks!

@Ultima2876, I’ve sent you a PM

@miguelmurca, I will keep you posted!

Thanks Linck for the feedback!

You’re completely right that not being able to see an item’s description is quite painful. I will see if I can fix that. I’m not proud of how I programmed the underlying inventory system and buying prompt so it might be tough, but I will see what I can do.

You’re also right that the 2nd boss’s lava pools and jumping attack is unfair and really hard to dodge. I will make it so that you can destroy his lava bombs in midair (with an attack) and bombs will destroy the lava pools. You’re also the first to like the challenge :slight_smile: Most people who have tried it tell me it is too hard, so I’ve been scrambling to make it easier and put in more saving spots and healing items.

(Abel Toy) #10

I love this game. It’s a bit difficult, but I love it so much. Please inform us when it gets picked up by a sponsor and released into the wild!

Oh man, those animations… and that level of polish… BRILLIANT!

(Linck) #11

Little grammar error: When you try to give an item to someone that is not meant to be given that item, a message says “They don’t appear to want it”, when It should be “He/She does not appear to want it” (I guess)

(Ultima2876) #12

I’d probably go with “They appear not to want it”. “He/She does not appear to want it” sounds a little bit awkward.

(Linck) #13

But you say “They” when you’re referring to more than one person don’t you? And in this case you’re trying to give the item to a single person.

I’m not even fluent in english. I’m brazilian, so I feel I should not be giving an opinion about grammar. Maybe there is some case when you can use “They” like this and I don’t know. But… anyway… ._.

(Ultima2876) #14

Heh, yeah, actually if you don’t know someone’s gender or don’t want to be gender-specific you can say “they”. We call this the “gender-neutral singular they”. :slight_smile:

[English is weird.]

(Quang Tran) #15

Yeah, English can be weird.

I asked someone for their opinion between the three, and they chose mine so I’ll be sticking with my original way of writing it for now (but am open to change if more votes come in supporting a different way of writing it).

(Ultima2876) #16

Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything technically wrong with it that way - if anything it just sounds a little more ‘casual’ :slight_smile:

(Jacob Albano) #17

Using “they” as a gender-neutral-singular pronoun is a fairly recent addition to the language, so I would personally feel it clashed with a fantasy-style setting. I try to avoid using it myself because so much of English assumes that “they” is non-singular (“they don’t” is correct, “he don’t” is not, etc), and it makes me feel weird.

One approach you could have is to get the gender of the character you’re talking to and interpolate it into the dialogue text. Something like this:

"${He/She} doesn't appear to want it."

Then whenever you load in your dialogue strings, replace that portion of it with the appropriate pronoun; #1 if male, #2 if female.

Here’s a code snippet that should handle the above case, as well as potential others with multiple occurrences of the gender to be replaced:

 * Given a string, return it with gender-appropriate pronouns in place of a given pattern.
 * @param    inputString The string to be modified. Example: "${He/She} is a ${man/woman}."
 * @param    isMale Whether the string should be modified to refer to a male or female.
 * @return The input string, containing the appropriate pronouns.
With the above example and isMale == false: "She is a woman."
static public function interpolatePronouns(inputString:String, isMale:Boolean):String
    var heShe:RegExp = /\${([A-Za-z\/]+)}/;
    for (var result:Object = null; result = heShe.exec(inputString); result != null)
        var match:String = result[1];
        var split:Array = match.split("/");
        var choice:String = split[int(isMale)];
        inputString = inputString.replace(result[0], choice);
    return inputString;

It might be too much work to modify all your strings and plug in the new system, but I think it’ll make things read a lot better.

Uptake on “they”: If you can avoid using it, great; if not, it’s not a huge deal.

(Jacob Albano) #18

Your english/spelling/grammar is a lot better than some native speakers’ I can think of. :wink:

(Linck) #19

Thanks @jacobalbano
Nice to know then. I wasn’t expecting that “They” could be used in such way. That’s interesting.

Well, about being not so suitable for a medieval game, I think It’s not a big deal either, so maybe there is something else more worthy to spend effort on.

(Quang Tran) #20

Thanks for the code snippets! I’ve thought it over, but I’ll likely be sticking with the gender neutral “they”. I’m alright with it not being completely faithful to the fantasy theme, because it actually goes sci-fi later.

The primary reason is that the npc objects don’t have a field specifying their gender, so it’d be a non-trivial effort to find them and add it in. NPC objects are embedded and spread out into map files (of which there are ~200 of them). It’s a fault of my design choice really >_> One of my biggest regrets programming this game was not designing the NPC class more carefully. Their dialogue is also embedded in the map files, so it’s similarly a pain when I want to edit their text.