Nodelayer: Path Editing Tool

(Alex Larioza) #1

Hey all, I’ve been working on a little side project that some people may find useful. I proudly present…


Nodelayer is a free and open source path editing tool. I personally tend to use paths for AI movement, but this could easily be use for a wide variety of things. The application is still very much in development, so expect bugs and incomplete features. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!


Current Features

  • Select and move entire paths
  • Easily add, remove, and edit nodes
  • Two way node connections
  • Saves project files as XML for easy importing into games
  • Load a background image as a level reference

Planned Features

  • Custom properties/flags for nodes and paths
  • One way node connections
  • Layers
  • Custom node appearance (color, size, etc)

(Darrin) #2

Very cool. I’ve booked marked it. I’ve got a tower defense game I could try this one. Probably will get started in December. Do you have a sample of a sprite moving and then choosing a fork?

(Jacob Albano) #3

While I’m not suggesting that @SHiLLySiT won’t give you an example, that code will very much depend on how you structure your game. This is purely a data-creation program.

(Alex Larioza) #4

As what @jacobalbano said, it depends on your game. It should be as simple as looking at the current node’s connections and then deciding the next one to target (either randomly or based on some conditions).