My Tower Defense Game

(Adam Edney) #1

I made a Tower Defence game over a year ago and I have now decided to post it on my website. (There are no ads on the website)

I’m wondering if you had any opinions on this (does it run ok?). Within the last 12 months, I learned a ton about optimization and on game frameworks. If I knew that 12 months ago I could probably make the same game in half the time and use half the CPU / memory.

Cheers, Adam

(Zouhair Elamrani Abou Elassad) #2

That’s Awesome :slightly_smiling:, i was wondering if there is a possibility to share the source code ?

(Adam Edney) #3

If I shared the source code it would make you cry (how crudely made it is). I’ll upload the source code to my website in a couple of weeks (I just want to try to distribute it first). :slightly_smiling:

(Granit Bajraktari) #4

It’s a nice game , that missile sound is annoying though.

(Zouhair Elamrani Abou Elassad) #5

Thanks for the response mate, take your time man, once again it’s a lovely game, please keep me posted when you upload the source code :slightly_smiling:.

(Adam Edney) #6

Yh it was, I have now reduced the volume of the missile by 60% percent.

Thanks for the feedback!