My new game Sides on FGL

(Jesus Boadas) #1

Hello, I want to show you my new game Sides, it was entirely done with Flashpunk in FlashDevelop, you can see it in FGL.


(Darrin) #2

Great job! Reminds me of a fire game I played in Age of Wushu. Nice music and sound.

A few suggestions. Please take them with a grain of salt.

Mouse over graphic highlight and animation would be nice

larger tile sizes would be cool

You may want to do a tutorial few levels before putting on FGL market.

it would be nice to know what the absolute minimum moves to victory is.

Not sure solve button is the fast way to the end, could be wrong.

Might be nice to have a tool tip for hint. I notice it actually progresses you rather than gives you a hint.

Art work could be a bit more tied together. (ie green led with fractals with flame buttons, don’t quite match up).

But again great stuff!!! Thank you for sharing.

(Jesus Boadas) #3

I avoid on purpose all mouseover, because I was thinking in a mobile port of this game but I think I’m going to make an update soon with a few improved changes, Thanks