My game for indies vs pewdiepie is finished

(Ortson) #1

So I finished my game for indies vs pewdiepie, its called indie vs the pewds. So if you want to kill a bunch of pewdiepies go check it out, do it, just do it, I dare you. Seriously rate it and comment.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Darrin) #2

Great job on making a game. I like the turns you do with following the mouse. Not sure Iā€™d call it finished yet. Iā€™d layer the bullet under everything. Also I wanted faster shooting, some power ups, hit animation. It would be interesting to play off of the pewds a bit more than just shooting them. Have them talk and say silly things or quotes.

(Ortson) #3

There are power ups so that you can shoot faster, multiple bullets and such. Agreed about the pewds, I create the game in about 8 hours total I would say so I am quite happy with what I was able to make