Looking to join/creat a team

(Mh Fran44) #1

Hello I am looking to create or join a team that needs a writer, creator or even an artist (minimal 2d art, pixel art). I am currently working on a game idea that I am hoping to get off the ground but am unable to create it with my minimum skills in programing (c and python). I am able to work most times and am happy to hear from anyone interested in creating a team or needing a writer. If people are interested on creating a team I am at this time unfortunately unable to provide funds meaning it would be a rev-share team. In case of people needing a writer and creator to join there team I can provide descriptions for items, subtitles/dialog, story board, even basic ideas for games that can be worked upon and expanded on by me or others. If you have any more questions or need more info or anything else feel free to message me here on send on to my email fran.marsic4@gmail.com

(Olaf Pierre) #2

do you know how to make 3d models

(Eric New) #3

Do you have a discord???