Looking for Graphic Artists to join a game Dev team

(Marco Capusso) #1

Hello, my name is Marco and I’m a Computer Engineering student in Italy! I’ve recently gathered a group of developers with the aim to develop and publish a project in order to learn to cooperate all together! We have many programmer, sound artists, a writer and a game designer… to complete the whole we would need 1-2 graphic artists to join us…The tools used to manage the project are:

  • Discord: used for the assesment calls.

-GitHub: used for code versioning.

-ClickUp: used for task assignment and project management.

If you are interested just PM me!

P.s: we are an indie group so it’s gonna be Rev. share! We want to build something and have fun all together! If you are looking for an opportunity to learn something new, share your knowledge and enrich your portfolio, that’s what we aim to!

(Lucas Rudolph) #2

Hey Marco,

my name is Lucas, iam a somewhat intermediate artist looking for a motivated group of people who want to learn and create together :slight_smile: So far i have not specialised in anything, but i think my modelling and drawing skills are quite alright, i have also experience in rigging and animating and texturing. I use almost exclusively software that is open source. I am very interested in joining your group, lets learn together!

(Marco Capusso) #3

contact me on discord: best#8620