Looking for an experienced team ;^^

(Dieros ) #1

Hey, i’m interested in making a team! But the bad thing about my being apart of or making a team would be that i’m kinda inexperienced with coding, and some other things… ;^^

But if the few kind souls that come to me can help or teach me, that’d be really nice! I have a really big idea, or even idea’s! I still have to think them out though, but they’re going to be good! sorry if I seem like a wreck, I kinda am XD, BUT!!! If you’re looking for a semi-enthusiastic, creative and imaginative team player, I’m always here to express my ideas!

(Olaf Pierre) #2

Would you like to team with me. I know a little but we can learn together. I am currently working on a endless runner and would love some help and ideas from someone else

(Olaf Pierre) #3

Have you thought about it