Load bars for individual levels/Worlds in Flashpunk

(Ygor Speranza) #1

Hi, you guys!

I’m new to Flashpunk (and to AS3) and also new to this community. Hello everyone.

I’m creating a game with Flashpunk, using FlashDevelop. This game is essentially three games in the same SWF. The first is a 2D Sidescroller, the other a Memory Game, and the third one something else. The player progresses from game to game as if he or she was progressing through levels, but, in reality, we’ll have 3 different games.

The thing is that each game will have many assets, and I was trying to divide the loading time from an initial preloader (which would load all assets and then start the game) to loading bars before each level/game. Initially, I was trying to create three different Flashpunk projects and then load them all into one FlashDevelop AS3 project, but I was unable to do so.

What would be the best way to do it? Different Flashpunk projects, the way I mentioned above? Is there a way to perform some kind of lazy loading of the assets of one Flashpunk World?

Thanks in advance,


(Bora Kasap) #2

using advanced compiler parameters and splitting swf to 3 different frames then you can start frame1 instantly without waiting for loading of frame2 and 3 but im not sure you can load 3 frames in 3 different loading sessions with this way. in my knowledge you probably’ll need to use 3 different swf files and another main swf for loading game files as 3 different files with something like “Loader(URLRequest())” classes.