Levels (GLEED2D) level select screen and Bosses


Other than the small issues i stated in my last topic the core of my game is pretty much done now all i need to do is add levels (Its a 30 level game) make a level select screen/world and make 3 different bosses and i don’t know how to do any of this nor could i find a tutorial that taught it.

  • i’m using GLEED2D cuz it was recommended in a topic instead of using Ogmo if your game isn’t tile-based (No idea what i’m doing with it though lol) i saw the tutorial on the website for it but i don’t know how to implement the levels into flash punk(Since all i’m doing is just changing the background in gleed).

  • With the level select i have no clue nor is there a tutorial i could find on the subject.

  • And finally Bosses, Yea same and the level select issue no idea how
    to do it and no found tutorial lol

  • (Bonus thing) how do you do credits?

(Mike Evmm) #2

This is no small thing, if you aren’t familiar with OOP, I’m afraid.

What you’ll be wanting to look into to parse Gleed2D (which I have used and recommend) files is XML parsing [ http://www.republicofcode.com/tutorials/flash/as3xml/ ].

Level selects are essentially menus. How you’ll want to execute them, however, will affect a lot of things though, so you’ll have to ask something more specific. I remember however that one of @zachwlewis ’ OGMO tutorials had a bit about that. (@zachwlewis, a little help on which one?)

Re. bosses, you’re on your own, too broad a thing and not at all FP-related.

You can cheat the credits. Make a tall image (on GIMP or what have you) and make that the graphic of an entity. Then add that entity to the world and just move it upwards until it’s gone. This’ll give you a “rolling credits” style thing. If you don’t need that much space, you can just skip the scrolling thing (i.e. make a credits image, make it an entity’s graphic and add said entity to the world) .

(Zachary Lewis) #3

@miguelmurca It’s in this series.

(Mutlu) #4

you can create a special editor World with in your game, which takes Mouse input to place your entities to their positions, then use world.getAll() method to pass them to your actual game world. But you would still need XML parsing to save the levels. 30 levels doesn’t sound too much by the way it maybe faster to code them down after planning with a piece of paper…