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(Zachary Lewis) #1

After looking around for a bit, I felt like it would be best for all parties to create an official FlashPunk IRC channel. After some research, I found to be the best network for the community, since it is a network dedicated to open source software.

I encourage anyone who is interested with IRC to grab their client of choice, register their nicks with NickServ and join the conversation in #useflashpunk!

An official chat (like the Tiled page has) is needed!
(azrafe7) #2

…aaannd if you don’t have an IRC client you can connect right within your browser via WebChat. :smiley:

(Zachary Lewis) #3

I’ve also added the information to the navigation bar on the homepage! We’re so efficient!

(I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want) #4

Bit quiet in there. It’s just me, silent @zachwlewis, and I’m pretty sure the 3rd person in the chat is a bot.

(John Andersson) #5

Maybe make a hyperlink to the node (as Tiled has, with the channel name automatically filled in) for people who are lazy?

(azrafe7) #6

Not sure but maybe this would work: irc://

Nope! Haalp!

(Zachary Lewis) #7

That’s because I goofed it hardcore on the IRC page. Try clicking on #useflashpunk now. If that doesn’t work, you might not have an application that handles the IRC URI.

You can’t link it in the forum, because the irc:// URI isn’t a standard protocol and unknown protocols get stripped to prevent attacks.

(John Andersson) #8

I kinda meant like "Join with browser"like Tiled has

I forgot it wasn’t a hyperlink, it was just a button :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zachary Lewis) #9