Is anyone here?

(yoel) #1

does anyone still use flashpunk to create games?

I mean using air to create an exe (or swf player) for the game.

its such an awesome game engine perfect for prototypes etc no need for a ton of boilerplate code to get up and running.

if you don’t use it then what do you use instead? (don’t say unity please)

is there anyone here at all?

(rostok) #2

I browse the posts from time to time. Moved to Unity for multiple reasons, mainly for the multiplatform player (web included). My last FP project had very big sprites and was memory hungry. I reached the 3.7GB limit due to fact that all the bitmaps were stored in memory as 32bits per pixel.

Loved FP yet Adobe first neglected Flash and then left it to die. For a time I believed that there will be some kind of JS SWF player but nothing proper came out.