Introducing Primary Colors EP, three small games in one

(TaylorAnderson) #1

So I felt like I needed to take a break from Sumo (another game I’m working on, there’s a topic on it here) so I took it upon myself to take a two-day break to make three really quick and dirty games that are (hopefully) sort of fun. I’ve put them all together in one, called it Primary Colors EP, and released it for free.

You can play the game online here: You can download the game here:

(I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want) #2

How the hell did you come up with that? Playing shoot, thinking, right, this is the coolest one. Then I turn on sort, thinking nope, this one, then collect, and etc, etc.

Reminds me of Eliss.

It’s all great and cool, but don’t you think that the background might be a bit overwhelming for a game based on colours? That’s the only thing I did not enjoy. Background.

(TaylorAnderson) #3

You’re talkin about how the bg is black instead of white? I actually kinda like it :stuck_out_tongue: (I made that decision because a lot of games I’ve made have had either white or very bright backgrounds, I wanted to change it up)

Glad you like it!! I’m a big fan of sort too. I started with shoot and thought it was gonna be the funnest one, but its now probably my least favorite of the 3

(Zachary Lewis) #4

So hard for trackpad. It’s a bummer that my primary maintainint-forum-and-helping-people compter is a MacBook Air, but at the same time, it’s so convenient.

(TaylorAnderson) #5

Yeah without a mouse the game is borderline unplayable…

(I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want) #6

Not necessarily white, but something bright, yes. Maybe a gradient? something like it.

(Zachary Lewis) #7

I strongly support the use of Solarized for anything everything.

(TaylorAnderson) #8

I think I have that palette installed on my Flashdevelop from your recommendation :stuck_out_tongue:

(Zachary Lewis) #9

Made a quick mockup of what Precision Colors — Primary Colors EP Remixed would look like.



(TaylorAnderson) #10

HOT DANG those are some sick colors. i also really like the redesign on some of the pieces. i would be so down with making this mockup reality.