I have flash builder 4.7 and need help setting my game environment

(Beats Promotions) #1

Can anyone send some instruction on setting the game development environment for Flash builder 4.7, for FlashPunk 1.7.2. I’m new and lost. I been trying to follow some leads, but its hard to get the game going, I spent a lot much time and money, I’m like left in a dark room with no clues. If any one can help please I’ll appreciated.

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #2

Just follow the official tutorial. It’s for an older FlashDevelop version but the configurations and tests are exactly the same.

(Beats Promotions) #3

Now I have flash builder 4.7 what SDK AND SWC I need for this version of Flash Builder 4.7. What version of Flash and Air I need.

(Beats Promotions) #4

If I have Flash builder 4.7 what files I need and version of the Air and Flash

(Martí Angelats i Ribera) #5

Simply get the latest ones. The only thing you have to do is download them and link them from FD.

(Beats Promotions) #6

I’m trying but the FlashPunk library but is showing a exclamation symbol error with in my flash builder project file. the Flash Punk library in my project is showing exclamation symbol in World, Entity and Mask

(Jean) #7

You’re probably forgetting to set the Flex SDK correctly in your environment.

Never worked with Flash Builder though, so I can’t really help you out.

(Beats Promotions) #8

Ok so I have to use the Flex SDK 4.6 with the the FlashPunk instead of the Flash builder 4.7 The I have, is that what you saying.