How do you display from a loader


i’ve been getting a fault error 1065 when embedding a image. i fixed it in just using flashdeveloper by putting it in a loader then on the next line addChild(); and it displays just fine. i try the same in flashpunk to get rid of the same fault error message but i can’t seem to use addChild to display it. i found 2 ways to get addChild but get no resaults. methods are fp.sprite.addChild and fp.stage.addchild nothing works. is there another way to display it or get it out of the loader to display. how would you display it once its out. i’m new at this and been trying for the last 5 days try anything i can think of to display it i even got an error for to many argument. any help please.

(Zachary Lewis) #2

FlashPunk doesn’t use addChild(). Check out the FlashPunk Basics tutorial for how to add images.


i know it don’t i stated that much in the question and i’ve found a post on flashdeveloper community board to solved how to get rid of the error i was getting by embedding an image. and the method in the tutorial don’t display a loader i’ve tried it. even though the reason of using the loader in that way no longer is an issue it still makes me wander how would you display the image in the loader. i guess problem solve other then curiosity.