Help us migrate and update old tutorials!

(David Watson) #5

Ok I’ll talk to him about it. I could write something for it… but I’ve got exams at the moment so I won’t get around to it for a week or 2.

(Jacob Albano) #6

I’m mostly finished with the first two tutorials; “Setting up FlashDevelop” and “Installing FlashPunk”. I wasn’t able to add images in the first because I’m a new member, but once that goes away I should be able to finish it right up.

Currently working on “The Basics”.

(Jacob Albano) #7

FlashPunk Basics is done, and I added the images and links to the other tutorials as well. All that’s left to add to those are the documentation links, and I can take care of that once the new documentation pages are up.

Edit: Would you look at that, the docs went up literally as I was typing this. :smiley:

(Zachary Lewis) #8

I’m good like that. Get to linking! :shipit:

(Jacob Albano) #9

Done. :smiley: I finished up the input tutorial as well. The only thing I have left to do in the ones I’ve converted already is anchor links (when we get it).

(Jacob Albano) #10

Alright, all but the last tutorial are done. I’m hesitant to bring this one over as it is; many of the comments have rightly (in my opinion) pointed out that it encourages poor usage of the static keyword; namely globally mutable variables. What do you folks think?

I also want to go through and change the wording of some parts of the tutorials. Some of the phrasings are inconsistent (we/I, our/my, etc). For now, though, the material is pretty much up there.

(David Watson) #11

I think that some of the tutorial is useful. Especially the last section, I didn’t know about the getClass function until I read the tutorial just now. The first section on static variables isn’t really game engine specific. Perhaps it isn’t the place of the flashpunk tutorial to be teaching these things?

(Jacob Albano) #12

Sounds good! I’ve just finished the last tutorial, and I replaced the section about static variables with a tutorial on how to use World.getInstance().

Would it be possible to have a pinned topic with a table of contents that links to all the original tutorials in order? Right now they’re a but jumbled.

(David Watson) #13

The tutorials look good.

I got the impression from zachwlewis’s post that the intention was to move them across to their own pages on the main site?

(Zachary Lewis) #14

Eventually, but that takes time. Right now, the forums are the perfect place.

(Alex Larioza) #15

I wrote a few tutorials on my blog awhile back and just posted links. Should I do the same thing or actually put the tutorials in a post on the forums? I also have some libraries I wrote for use with FP that I’d like to post. Where should those go?

(Zachary Lewis) #16

For your tutorials, you are welcome to do what I did and just create a topic that explains what the tutorial is all about.

For your libraries, if you don’t have a tutorial written, it would be best if you post the library and a brief description in the creations category and possibly link it with a topic in the tutorials showing how to use it.

(Kevin Graham) #17

I’m going to go through the old tutorials section on the forums and start converting some of the better ones. I’ll make sure to give all credit to the original authors. I remember there being some good stuff on the old site!! :smile:

(Kevin Graham) #18

Allright, first one done! :smiley:

EDIT: Make that two done!

(Kevin Graham) #19

And for anyone else helping, here is the link to the old tutorial section: flashpunk forums

(Alex Larioza) #21

@ShadowRider From my understanding, the “creations” category is for that purpose. :smile:

(Zachary Lewis) #23

The forum has been revamped to reduce redundancy. creations is for anything created that relates to FlashPunk. If a code snippet was created, it would be a good idea to reply as a new topic in tutorials to include a brief tutorial of how to use the snippet.

Take a look at the category definition for tutorials and creations for more clarity.

(Kevin Graham) #24

Okay! Ima delete my comment now as it doesn’t really pertain to helping migrate, and I don’t want to clutter up the page! :blush:

(Jacob Albano) #25

I forked the gh-pages repo to do some more work on the old tutorials. I’m a little new to using source control for web content, so can I just upload images into the folder that the markdown files are? Is there anything special I need to know before submitting a pull request?

(Zachary Lewis) #26

If you look at the first tutorial, you’ll see I put all the images in the /assets folder. You can just put them in there, and take a look at that tutorial for the liquid markkup tags.