Get frame size for sprite sheet


I’m trying to make some sort of interactive pet game, the pet at the moment is Rocket from Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime.

I’m having so many problems with the sprite sheet for him I’m about to ditch this entire project.

I can’t get the correct size for the frames of the animation. Here’s the sprite sheet I’m using:

I’ve ripped out the “walking” animation for him which is the 8 frames x 5 frames animation in the top left, but I cannot get the correct size. Here’s the animation ripped out:

I’m at the point where I either need a very good explanation on how to do it or have someone do it for me because I’ve been at this for hours.

EDIT: I’ve fixed this.

(Granit Bajraktari) #2

Open the Image with some image editor , even paint does the job.

Get the width and height(in pixels). With Paint it’s the 3rd bottom tab in this format (width) x (height).

Divide the height of the image by the number of rows. That’s the frame height.

Divide the width of the image by the number of columns. That’s the frame width.

So the image is 215 x 146.

215 / 5 (number of rows) = 43

146 / 8 (number of columns) = 18.25

(rostok) #3

Dividing the width and height by number of rows and columns is a good solution provided that image is a correct sprite sheet. In this case the image is not good. First of all horizontal space between sprites is about 9 to 10 pixels. However sprites in the first and last column haven’t got enough free space on the left and right sheet edges. Moreover if you measure horizontal distance between the tips of the sprite it differs between columns (26,27,29 pixels).

So there is no way to have it imported without proper fixing.

I tried to do my best in Asesprite editor yet as explained earlier this isn’t a memory dump or some straght from file rip but just manual assembly in photoshop. Take a look:

You will either have to correct it or find some other sprite.

(Granit Bajraktari) #4

Well , I assumed it was correct.

But that’s not a big problem. It will differ only by a few pixels. Unless he absolutely needs precision or he (or someone else here) has a relatively easy way of getting the correct size , I’d say he should go for what I suggested.


Same stuff happening.