G4tes [WIP] Feedback Wanted

(Froom7) #1

Hello fellow developers!
I need some feedback and or suggestions for a game I’m working on (Minimalistic arcade/puzzle?). I really appreciate it if you have a play around with it and can give me some feedback on it. Do note that the game is designed for mobile. I will port it to mobile if I get the time. I only made this in a couple of days as a prototype. Again, I really do appreciate some feedback.
G4tes.swf (215.7 KB)

(Jacob Albano) #2

The menu buttons don’t seem to work and pressing Enter only starts the game. How do you choose Instructions?

(Froom7) #3

Hey jacobalbano,
I tweaked the game a little bit now. I disabled the Enter key now, it was a shortcut for myself to get to things. Maybe I should be more clearer/indicating user input on the handling of buttons in the menu…? Anyway, the buttons are those squares in the bottom. They correspond to the “gates” and color on the left side on the screen. The game is made with mobile in mind, so not much of keyboard input this time. Hope this helps a bit, sorry for a slightly wrong build.