Flashpunk games repository

(rostok) #1

As I mentioned in one of the recent threads it would be really cool if useflashpunk.net would have some kind of subpage with FP games list. I’m thinking about something very simple like thumbnail/screenshot, short description and link. This would encourage newcomers to use the FP as they would see the actual features in action. And also game creators would benefit as well. What say you?

(Bora Kasap) #2

Yeah, even don’t need a website, we could use a free “HTML page” server. And if we want comments etc. functions we can put codes into this html from another Free Comment Box server inside :smiley: but who’s gonna make all this? I prefer to use flashpunk, not administrate flashpunk blog :smiley:

(Nate ) #3

This is a neat idea, I think the old flash punk site had a games page:


(Emanuel van der Meer) #4

Yeah the old flashpunk website had a pretty interesting games page. That page definitely motivated me to get into flashpunk so it would be nice if we can recreate it.