FlashPunk docs offline

(mikale) #1

I’m going to be working on a computer with no access to Internet for a while (so I can work without distractions). Is there a way I can get a zip of the current FlashPunk docs? That would be great!

(Zachary Lewis) #2

You can actually build the FlashPunk documentation yourself! Additionally, if you’re using FlashDevelop, there’s already an asdoc project in the repository, allowing you to easily build documentation within FlashDevelop!

If you need help building the documentation, just let me know.

(Ultima2876) #3

It would probably be convenient and a nice idea to have a zip available anyway though.

(Draknek) #4

Yeah, “build it yourself” is not really an acceptable answer… :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a zip file here: http://www.draknek.org/misc/fp-docs.zip

Slightly out of date, but not in any meaningful way.

(Zachary Lewis) #5

@Draknek Oh, I thought he was a developer. Foolish me. I’m not going to maintain a zip file for every version of the library.

@mikale You can always fork the useflashpunk.net repo and just launch docs/index.html if you don’t want to build it.

(Draknek) #6

Aren’t you updating the non-zipped docs for every update? If so, it’s not a lot more work to zip them up as well! You could even automate it easily enough.

(Zachary Lewis) #7

I just run the build script into the docs directory when I cut a release.

(Draknek) #8

Right, you could add something to the build script to delete the old zipfile and build a new one.

You can do this with 7zip on Windows but I don’t know the exact commands you’d need, on Linux it’s just rm docs.zip; zip -r docs.zip docs