Firefighter - Action Platformer

(Vince Betteridge) #1

Welcome to Firefighter! A game where you run, jump and shoot your way around deadly fires!


  • 20 normal levels
  • 16 unlockable challenge levels
  • 100+ badges to collect
  • 4 different equipment load-outs that make the game more difficult and replayable

As mentioned in the features there will be different load-outs that unlock as you progress through the game. Not only do these load-outs make the game more difficult, they change the way you approach each level. If you are capable enough each level can be played in 4 separate ways.

This game has been many years in the making and got a little out of control due to my ambitions of making exactly the game I wanted to play. It is also the game where I learned to program and make games in general. I hope you enjoy playing it and remember that if a certain badge seems to hard to get you can always move on to the next level and come back to it later.

Specifically for FlashPunk:

I have been a pretty consistent lurker of flashpunk for years now. I developed this game in silence from the community, but I want to let you all know I appreciate all the help you have given and all of the great tools in flashpunk. I have learned so much from this project. Here is to all of you for making this possible!

(Vince Betteridge) #2

I have made an update to the game fixing some problems that reviewers pointed out.

Version 1.1 update

  • made controls less slippery
  • reduced the size of the fire hitboxes to match their sprites more closely
  • made some of the jumps in the earlier levels less frustrating
  • added a new song to the challenge levels
  • added simple preloader so you can tell the game is actually loading

Let me know if you would rather me update my original post or whether a bump like this is ok.

(Vince Betteridge) #3

I am back with another update to Firefighter.

Version 1.2 update

  • added medals to the game
  • added a retry button to the victory screen
  • customized the victory screen based on medals earned
  • made one jump in level 8 easier

Let me know what you think.

(mikale) #4

Really fun game. Keep it up :slight_smile:

(Ultima2876) #5

I got stuck at the C + Down part - what are you meant to do there?

(Vince Betteridge) #6

C + Down is not necessary to complete the first twenty levels. It is a little hard to do correctly, but it will get you to the cat in the first level if you do.

(Jacob Albano) #7

It uses your water gun to boost you up into the air.

(B6ka) #8

Nice game :slight_smile:

Controls are still a bit slippery to my taste. Also it would be nice if you could access additional equipment (or did I miss the way to change it?) and challenging levels sooner.

(Vince Betteridge) #9

What sort of problems are you having with the controls? Are you underestimating how far you will move on a button press?

The challenge levels are really difficult. I don’t know if you actually would want to try them without getting the badges it takes to unlock them.